Aim for a successful future in project management by gaining the specialised, technical and managerial skills necessary to manage projects in a variety of contexts, and across a number of industry sectors.

  • Gain solid, theory-based knowledge of project management concepts and strategies
  • Discover how to effectively manage projects in a range of contexts and sectors
  • Explore how to use tools that will help evaluate project outcomes and others who work on your project



Program Length

Maximum 64 weeks (48 weeks study + maximum 16 weeks scheduled breaks)

20 hours study per week (14 hours in class study + 6 hours online)

*Optional internships available for an additional fee. Internship hours vary depending on schedule. Internships are unpaid work hours.

Start Dates


Jan 7, Feb 18, Apr 22, Jun 3, Aug 5, Sep 16, Nov 18




Program Courses

Learn to develop and monitor implementation of an operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices. Develop skills to lead and manage effective workplace relationships.


Learn to manage the performance of staff who report to you directly, including work allocation and performance management. Learn to lead teams in the workplace and to actively engage with the management of the organisation, including liaising with stakeholders.


Learn to identify, analyse and refine project costs to produce a budget, and to use this budget as the principal mechanism to control project cost.


Learn to prepare and manage a marketing audit, with reference to an organisation’s marketing plan and select and confirm an appropriate international market.


Learn to integrate and balance overall project management functions of scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk and procurement across the project life cycle; and to align and track project objectives to comply with organisational goals, strategies and objectives.


Learn to manage quality within projects.


Learn to manage risks that may impact achievement of project objectives. It involves identifying, analysing, treating and monitoring project risks, and assessing risk management outcomes.


Learn to to determine and manage project scope and manage time during projects.